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Outray - CM12/13 Theme

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Flat, dark theme with colorful green accents.Coming with 100% self made, minimal and pixel perfect glyphs, theming lots of details throughout the whole system interface.Light Version →
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You need a ROM with the latest CM theme engine in order to install and use this theme! ROM support for DU (DU Certified), CM12, CM12.1, CM13, CyanogenOS, AICP, RR, AOSiP, Bliss Pop, Carbon, Euphoria and more. Please report missing Icons so they can be added to the theme.
Theme includes:◦ 90+ themed apps◦ Multiple color variants (Arcus)◦ Bootanimation◦ Vector statusbar icons◦ Themed battery icons (latest CM13)◦ Fully themed quicksettings◦ Animated switches, checkboxes and buttons◦ Volume panel◦ Notification icons◦ Custom screen animations◦ Custom font◦ Custom notification sounds◦ Wallpapers
Themed apps:◦ Screener◦ Google+◦ Hangouts◦ Play Music◦ Google Now◦ Dialer◦ Instagram◦ Settings◦ Camera◦ Keyboard (AOSP & Google)... and more! (90+)
Arcus variant colors:◦ Material colors◦ Coalfield colors◦ Radius colors◦ Red ◦ Blue◦ Purple◦ Teal... and more!
Please review and share this theme if you like it! Thanks for the support! :)
Wallpapers taken by Janic Lautenschläger, thanks goes to him for letting me use his amazing pics :)
_ _ _You can send an email to kohlewrrk@gmail.comfor bug reports, issues and suggestions.
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